Draining rack, Aireation grilles,
Embedded Tower, Trash bin and Legs

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LThe kitchen is perhaps the area of ​​the home where we need the most organization and where we all spend a lot of time. Not only do we use it for cooking and eating, but we spend many family moments in it.

The size or type of kitchen is irrelevant. The important thing is where we keep things and the space that we earn in each place. In the kitchen we keep everything: crockery, cutlery, pans … The important thing is to find a space to ensure that it is tidy, so we must always try to ensure that we have more space.

The best accessories for interiors and equipment: drains, grates, protectors …

Regardless of the space you have, Plastimodul offers you different types of proposals to improve and optimize your kitchen and therefore make it functional:

-Wire PS drainer, stainless steel, PS drainer, strip sets and PVC drainer tray
-Sink bottom protectors, non-slip mat and hood side protector
-Frame for microwave and ventilation grids.
-Hidden tower 3 sockets and 2 USB ports
– Waste container up to 8l
-Ecological containers for recycling in different capacities from 8 to 24l, with different colors and sizes for the correct separation of waste
-Cylindrical, conical and decorative legs
-Legs of modules with spout, cap and stop.
-Sliding and pivoting clamps for drawers