Lift Systems, Windows, Aluminum doors, Baseboard  and  Border worktop

We present the range of Plastimodul Lifting Systems, Door Profiles, Brackets, Supports, Tops and Skirting Boards. This range of systems comes in a wide variety of models and sizes, making it easy to install and use on your furniture. Our products have passed rigorous controls as you can see in PDF that you will find in the gallery below in which we attach the Aidima test certificate


Sale of lifting systems in Spain

This test determines the strength and durability of the product. As the result indicates, it satisfactorily meets the specifications set by the applied standards, in sections.

The available models from which you can download the pdf with the assembly instructions and the technical data of the product are for the aluminum kitchen blinds in 50mm and 25mm. The pistons for wooden and aluminum doors, available for lifting pistons and for folding doors. Mechanisms for “extendable” parallel lifting doors, a vertically moving lifting system for a single door.

The perfect choice for cabinets that are stacked on top of one another. The Stop system guarantees that the door will stop immediately and safely, with a smooth and silent closing. In addition, this lift-up closet door can be fitted with a hydraulic compass system that keeps the door fully elevated.


The best lifting systems

Download the one you need to be able to print the files and proceed to assemble the desired drawer.

On this same page, at the end of the gallery, we have also left a pdf with the technical data of all the systems, as well as the summary assembly instructions, and something very useful, which is how to adjust the drawers. It is a very useful visual guide and will make it easier for you to assemble the product. Do not hesitate to take a look at all the products available, and if something is not clear to you, you can contact us in the contact section.