Hydraulic Hinges

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Clip-On Hinges

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SSP Hinges

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SSP 110º Hinges . ALU. FR. DOOR

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Clip-On Slide-On Hinge

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Nº Hinges x Door

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Hinge holes machine

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Furniture Hinge Manufacturer and Distributor

Plastimodul.com is the manufacturer and distributor of furniture hinges that you were looking for, and in our online catalog you will find a complete selection of hinges that will fit what you are looking for and will allow you to enjoy the maximum performance in your furniture. With extensive experience and a long history, we have positioned ourselves as the reference hinge manufacturer in Spain, putting at your disposal all kinds of different models to choose from that boast a full guarantee and that will allow you to enjoy the highest quality.

Plastimodul, your trusted hinge manufacturer

We are your trusted furniture hinge manufacturer, and the moment you discover the excellent quality of our products you will understand why. With a huge selection of hinges of the highest quality and made with resistant materials that make a difference, if you bet on us you will be betting on the safe side; Try it for yourself. Forget about the problems with the doors of your furniture and take the leap in quality you need. You will be able to see all our products in our online catalog without having to leave home, and we guarantee that you will find the best option, regardless of the furniture you have. What are you waiting for?